A Collaborative for visionaries on a mission to dismantle generational systems that no longer serve us.

Are you seeking Connection, Collaboration & Community?

The Bridge Foundation is the heart of A Bridge That Matters, LLC. This unique Social Philanthropic Collaboration is for those that are interested in creating a new industry centered in service & heart. We believe that through our collaborative, we will experience an incredible shift in how the world shows up in entrepreneurship, life, & the way in which everyone relates to truth, honesty & integrity. ​There is a seat at the table waiting for you! Each level of membership creates infinite funnels for energetic, financial & trade systems. There are opportunities to barter, purchase & receive services within a high level container. Within The Bridge Foundation, there are moments to learn, teach & mentor.

Are you an Aspiring Entrepreneur?

The Bridge Builder is designed for 18-25 year old aspiring entrepreneurs to have the ability to learn from multiple experienced mentors, get paid for the skills & build their "resume." After a year in the program, Mentees are eligible to receive Angel Investments from our Co-Creators through a vetted, calculated & strategic process. After two years within the program, Mentees are eligible to join The Bridge Foundation. The primary focus for The Bridge Builder is to provide cost efficient coaching services that create a sustainable business for long term success without producing high debt. 1 Year Investment: $1,000

Are you looking to learn without creating debt AND generate revenue?

The Bridge Expander is being created for those that know traditional learning is not for them. They are self motivated learners that seek guidance & education through self paced courses, workshops & classes. This is a low cost program for (aspiring) entrepreneurs or those interested in picking up new skills. It's a one stop shop for Lifestyle Guidance, Holistic Modalities, & Business Workshops.

Within The Bridge Expander, our Bridge Foundation Members have the ability to create programs, establish lead generation, & have access to every program.